Trans Pathways – Australian Study

New and compelling research out of Australia! Trans Pathways is the largest study ever conducted of the mental health and care pathways of trans and gender diverse young people in Australia (859 participants). It is also the first Australian study to incorporate the views of parents and guardians of trans young people (194 participants).

If you’re working in health services this is of particular interest: “Trans young people found it difficult to access health services with 60% feeling isolated from medical and mental health services, and 42% having reached out to a service provider who did not understand or respect their gender identity. Problems with health services included a lack of education about gender diversity, not knowing where to refer trans clients, and transphobia.”

It includes a list of recommendations for governments and health providers, as well as guidance for schools, parents, peers and young trans people.

Download the full report here: Trans Pathway Report Australia 2017


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