Making Schools Safer for Trans and Gender Diverse Youth

“Making Schools Safer for Trans and Gender Diverse Youth” is a beautiful resource from Wellington-based organisation InsideOUT, aimed at providing tools and information to schools to create safer and more inclusive environments for their trans and gender diverse students.

If you are working with young people who are trans or gender diverse, especially in a school setting, this is a very helpful resource. We recommend it for teachers, school nurses, school guidance counselors, and anyone doing youth development in a school-based context. It would also be useful for parents and family of trans and gender diverse students if they are advocating for their young person. There are sections on changing names on the school roll, sports teams, bathrooms, changing rooms, and other relevant areas that advocacy may be required for the young person to be safe and supported at school.

Schools Safer For Trans and Gender Diverse Youth Document

For more information about Inside Out and their projects/advocacy within the Wellington area, see:

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